Key luggage trends for 2017

2017 trends

As we move into the new year, it’s a time for Both Barrels to start looking at the key luggage trends for 2017, and to think about how we can best cater for our customers’ needs in the months to come.

Our mood board is always updated with new ideas, which inspire our product development and tweaks to our existing designs to keep all of our executive luggage at the forefront of changing fashions.

For the new year, size matters, and one of the key luggage considerations for 2017 will see smaller designs come to the fore.

Nobody likes being weighed down unnecessarily, and as tablets take over from larger laptops, the executive silhouette is becoming slimmer too.

Our existing Twelve and Thirty Six backpack and holdall already offer versatility depending on the duration of your journey, and possible new additions to the line-up include a more feminine backpack outline and an overnight tote – watch this space for more previews as we develop those ideas further.

We also have special editions of Twelve and Thirty Six in the works using stealth materials for an even less noticeable impact on your silhouette.  The iconic Yorkshire wool from our first collection will still be very much a staple but we will be looking to add new pieces and refabricating some existing pieces as limited editions.

All new products will of course meet our usual high standards of materials and construction, with a commitment to being British built using elegant and performance fabrics for an eye-catching exterior and a practical interior.

We believe in putting Confidence in Simplicity, with a strong focus on organised interiors and simple but effective pocket configurations to keep valuables and essentials separate from the main compartment.

The larger the product, the more opportunity there is to provide multiple pockets in this way, but in smaller designs we put just as much effort into getting the organisation just right, if not more so to make the best of every last millimetre of capacity.

Micro luggage in the works from Both Barrels includes a zipped wool travel wallet that will serve as a perfect complement to our travel bags and laptop cases, either stowed in the mesh pocket of your rucksack or holdall, or carried separately as part of your cohesive executive style.

We are also developing a range of executive small leather goods, starting with a simple credit card slip that can keep up to four cards securely together for easy access.

Executive fashion moves just as fast as catwalk styles do, but Both Barrels are always on the lookout for emerging trends – and thanks to our in-house design expertise and domestic British manufacture, we can go from drawing board to boardroom with new products as soon as we see a need for them in the market.