How to wear camo with charisma

Camouflage, or ‘camo’ for short, has staked its renewed claim to a place in the current season’s catwalk collections, and as usual Both Barrels are bang on-trend with our Stealth Series Twelve backpack and Thirty Six holdall.

But how can you wear camo with charisma and create an outfit that looks fresh from the catwalk, and not like you’ve just stepped out of the jungle?

The secret, as with all fashions, is to keep it simple. Use camo as an accent rather than dressing head to toe in army surplus gear, and the overall effect will look more carefully considered – a good first step towards looking stylish.

Our Stealth Series is designed to work well within this approach, with a choice of olive green Danish army camouflage or grey Royal Jordanian Air Force ‘urban desert’ DPM.

This already puts you in control of your colour scheme, whether you want the more subtle and muted grey tones of the Royal Jordanian Air Force DPM, or the more colourful Danish army green camo.

Our next tip is to keep it casual, too – the Stealth Series is precision built and carefully stitched by hand, but the camo fabric is naturally less formal-looking than the grey Yorkshire wool we use on our main series of laptop sleeves, holdalls and backpacks.

By opting for casual cuts in the clothes you wear, you can be consistent so that the style and pattern work harmoniously, instead of the camo design looking out of place.

Of course if you do want a more formal option of backpack, holdall or other designer luggage, you can opt for the Both Barrels main series, which is comfortable and tactile thanks to the wool outers, but sleek and smart with the grey colour scheme and black straps.

Finally, make sure that you wear the camo, and the camo doesn’t wear you – be confident in the way you hold yourself and the way you carry your bags and backpacks, and you’ll carry it off much more easily.

Look to the catwalk collections for inspiration, as you’ll see models in the most outlandish creations walking with confidence just as if they were on the morning commute or strolling down the high street.

We’re not suggesting you put quite as much swagger in your step as the typical catwalk model – but by emulating that same air of confidence, you can make sure you still appear as carefully dressed in casual camo as you would in your smartest suit.