Jetleisure – What is it (and why?)

If you always try to look Instagrammable, then there’s a new trend you should be aware of – the online fashion store Lyst call it Jetleisure, and it’s been picked up by publications including Grazia and GQ, not to mention appearing as a hashtag on a handful of Instagram posts so far.

So what is Jetleisure? Lyst define it as a noun: “A luxury clothing category comprised of items that are worn on holiday and make an impact on Instagram. These items share unique features such as bold colours and patterns, sculptural shapes or slogans.”

They add that you should use the term as you might use the phrase ‘statement beachwear’ or ‘holiday clothing’, as in “She packed the very best Jetleisure for her trip.”

Common items might range from clothing to accessories, beach bags, luxury backpacks and so on, many of which – such as hats and shoes – are much smarter than you might normally see in someone’s holiday wardrobe.

Brands that fit into this category have seen a skyrocket rise in interest since last year, up 408% to 130 searches per minute online, and the key characteristics, including strong shapes and bold colours, have been hallmarks of Both Barrels’ design ethos since the very beginning.

Our shapes are strong, each panel of Yorkshire wool cut to precision and hand stitched with care, and exterior pockets are positioned carefully to complement the overall aesthetic, with the Both Barrels logo displayed proudly on each item.

We are not afraid to use bold colour either – while the woollen exterior of our main line of executive luggage is an elegant grey, the interiors use our iconic bright purple cotton contrast lining for maximum visibility.

And of course our Stealth Series of very limited edition backpacks and holdalls takes our use of colour and patterns a stage further, making use of digital camouflage patterns from real-world military forces for a slightly less formal look that would be as perfectly suited to a beach holiday as it is to commuter use.

Importantly, Both Barrels executive luggage is designed to complement almost any outfit – the strong shapes, straight lines, precision stitching and muted exterior colour scheme work well with office attire, while the tactile woollen outers and casual form factor of our holdalls and backpacks suit casual outfits too.

This gives you designer accessories that will add style and elegance whatever you wear, transforming even casual beachwear into an Instagrammable outfit worthy of the Jetleisure hashtag.