Both Barrels luxury luggage goes on show at Best of Britannia

Both Barrels luxury luggage is proudly Built in Britain, so it’s fitting that the brand’s first-ever appearance at a trade event will be on October 12th-13th at Best of Britannia, known as BoB London for short.

The two-day event will be held at The Boiler House on Brick Lane, and focuses on the best of British design and workmanship, combining both historic and emerging brands. 

Both Barrels are one of the newer brands taking part – our executive luggage range launched in November 2016 – but have quickly staked a claim as a respected designer brand with a strong ethic for British materials and expertise. 

You can see this throughout our products, from our ‘hero’ fabric, the grey Yorkshire wool used on the exteriors of our main collection, to the artisan textile workers who hand-stitch each bag or laptop sleeve.

Come and meet Both Barrels

Tickets to BoB London 2017 are free and can be registered in advance to make sure you don’t miss out if the event is over subscribed on the day. 

We’re looking forward to meeting Both Barrels fans old and new alike at Stand 80, where we have put together a special display with the help of exhibition experts at Not Tom.

It’s a chance to get up close with Both Barrels’ full product range – from the original stars of our main series like our luxury laptop sleeves, Twelve backpack and Thirty-Six holdall, to newer introductions like our compact Travel Wallet and Credit Card Slip.

Our Stealth Series will also be on show, comprising a Twelve backpack in Royal Jordanian Air Force urban desert DPM and a Thirty-Six holdall in Danish olive green army camo.

Buy British Day

Attend BoB London 2017 on the Thursday, October 12th, and you can join in recognising #BuyBritishDay, a social movement that encourages people everywhere to support domestic British brands.

You can’t get much more British than Both Barrels. Founded in Altrincham, Cheshire, we use Yorkshire wool and cotton webbing from the north-west, with manufacture close to the Scottish border.

Our woven labels and delivery packaging come from the south of England, and we recruit the best in textiles talent, often from families who have worked in the industry for generations.

We pour love and pride into our products, with a healthy dose of intelligent pattern cutting and machining – creating a range of executive luggage that can proudly claim to be Built in Britain.