Both Barrels in the community

In the first week of March, Both Barrels certainly has a spring in its step! We’ve been exchanging ideas and inspiration with some amazingly inspiring talent.

As a UK Made brand we’re keen to inspire future generations of designers, entrepreneurs and industrialists. Our roots are within product innovation and problem solving which is embodied within every product in our range.


These engagements have been an incredible opportunity to encourage new and free thought. We’ve discussed all sorts of fascinating concepts. Including jellyfish skin wet-suits, pineapple leather, faux cork footwear and even LED integrated festival wear. These fabulous ideas were all part of a design led business platform at Manchester Metropolitan University. We’re proud to be closely linked to the Manchester Fashion Institute. We looking forward to developing our partnership further.

Both Barrels was presented as a case study of bringing a new UK Made product to market. We discussed our challenges, our victories, our aspirations and had our eyes opened to new potential by the student body. A truly inspiring event we were honored to be part of.

Design Futures

At Both Barrels we’re proud to encourage creativity from grass roots. We’ve been delighted to contribute to GCSE classes at Altrincham Girls Grammar School. These fantastically able students inspire us greatly and their problem solving awareness is incredible.

We looked in to protective sports equipment, inclusive design and using design to encourage physical activity amongst young people. All exceptionally insightful and forward-thinking areas of progression.

We also helped to consider the design process for a multi-function ladies bag. Contents organisation, user confidence, safety and utility were all key points presented by the group. Understanding the insight of the next generation of designers and consumers helps keep us inspired for future product development and ever-changing consumer needs.

As the Both Barrels business develops we’re keen to share our experiences. We welcome inspiring collaborations and we’re very excited about a bright future.