Hello, Happy New Year & welcome to the first & last Both Barrels blog of 2019.

With the dawn of a new year comes a new start & here at BB we’re certainly no different.

2018 brought us many amazing experiences, many valuable lessons & crucially a clearer vision of our future – all of which is based on direct experience, listening carefully & remaining true to our core values to deliver contemporary UK Made product.

Of the zillion things we’ve learned, there are a number of repeating themes which better inform our forward direction.

Both Barrels has existed in many places over the foundation of two years since launch in November 2016. We’ve listened, measured & innovated since & having found our voice we can now confidently present a more consolidated presence which best serves & connects everyone.


The first change will be no more written blogs. These will be replaced with new insight via our carefully curated Instagram channel – www.instagram.com/Both.Barrels – & regular vlogs which I’ll be stepping up to present as best I can!

I hope that these will shed light on some of the process behind Both Barrels’ outward face, the various challenges of manufacturing in the UK & our experience of design-led entrepreneurship.

The energy we’ve spent on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn will be reined in. Don’t worry – we’ll still be there, just a little less regularly. Instead we will be investing energy in to a regular physical retail presence, connecting with our community in real life, encouraging conversations & building future products.


We’re also developing collaborations with like minded brands. We’re in an amazing position to deliver meaningful products & we have some very exciting opportunities in the works. We remain entirely open minded to collaborations with brands, people & places so if you’d like to multiply please get in touch via e-mail – hello@thisisbothbarrels.com

All that remains to be said is thank you to everyone that’s read, commented & contributed to any or all of our blogs over the past 24 months & please join us over on Instagram to keep up to date with all of the exciting developments through 2019.

Thank you as always for all of your support,