How to wear camo with charisma


How to wear camo with charisma

Camouflage, or ‘camo’ for short, has staked its renewed claim to a place in the current season’s catwalk collections, and as usual Both Barrels are bang on-trend with our Stealth Series Twelve backpack and Thirty Six holdall. But how can you wear camo with charisma and create an outfit that looks fresh from the catwalk, […]

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London men's fashion week

London Men’s Fashion Week shows the best of British

Its proper name is the rather unwieldy ‘London Fashion Week Men’s’, but to us and most other people it’s easier to call it Men’s Fashion Week, and on June 8th-12th some of the biggest names in clothing design took to the catwalk to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the event. The male-focused itinerary didn’t entirely […]

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Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day gift ideas for discerning dads

Father’s Day is fast approaching and at Both Barrels we’ve been giving some thought to the gifts we think discerning dads would most like to be given in recognition of all the hard work they do for the family. Here’s our gift guide to five of the best options for stylish dads, including some of […]

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flat bulb

Both Barrels inspiration from interior design trends

At Both Barrels our designer luggage doesn’t just take inspiration from the latest catwalk collections, or even just from clothing and accessories; we are always on the lookout for new materials, shapes and colour combinations to incorporate into future products. If you saw our inspiration board in our blog post back in January, you will […]

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Both Barrels Stealth Series Introduction

Introducing the Both Barrels Stealth Series

Both Barrels designer luggage takes inspiration from the latest fashion trends both on the high street and on the catwalk, and one particular print proving popular in recent months is camo – which is why we are pleased to introduce the Both Barrels Stealth Series of strictly limited edition Twelve backpacks and Thirty Six holdalls. […]

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campaign for Wool

Announcing our affiliation with the Campaign for Wool

If you own any of our designer luggage and laptop bags, you will be familiar with the beautiful Yorkshire wool used on the exterior of nearly all of our products, elegant, tactile and hard-wearing for the rigours of regular use. So Both Barrels is proud to be able to announce our affiliation with the Campaign […]

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investment fashion

‘Investment fashion’ takes over the catwalk

Fashion is seasonal by definition, with tastes changing over time and designers competing to introduce the next big thing – and the same is true on the high street, with new features like ‘cold shoulder’ jumpers hitting the mainstream market in recent seasons. But as many of us focus more on sustainability and getting value […]

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Luxury luggage fashion inspiration

London Fashion Week 2017 round-up

Both Barrels designer luggage takes inspiration from the latest trends in catwalk fashion, so that we can make sure our own styles will look great alongside the newest outfits and ensembles. We look to some of the most highly respected names in fashion design – Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and Christopher Raeburn to name a […]

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Work to weekend luggage

Take Both Barrels with you from Work to Weekend

The Work to Weekend style tradition takes the stress out of the Friday commute to leave you ready to relax from the moment you leave the office, and Both Barrels are helping to make this dream a reality with our stylish executive bags that double as designer luggage for evenings and weekends too. We understand […]

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luxury luggage and accessories

Travel in style with Both Barrels product packs

Some of Both Barrels’ perfectly matched products have teamed up to create our new product packs – executive luggage collections that offer a discount on the full retail price while also becoming more than just the sum of their parts. Take our Pocket Pack for instance, which combines our new Travel Wallet and Credit Card […]

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