Sustainability is central to all of our operations here at Both Barrels.

Conscious creation guides both our product & brand, with every opportunity taken to lower our impact, improve our knowledge, optimise evolving practises & ensure we're responsible at every intersection.

Here's how we approach sustainability in both design & production - they are circular philosophies which ensure we're learning & improving in each rotation.

Our designs are focused on longevity, usefulness & are now designed to be more easily repaired which helps to further extend product lifespan.

By investing in high quality, UK sourced materials we're able to offer high pedigree ingredients which have much less environmental impact than offshore sourcing would create. This approach also means we benefit from direct & transparent relationships with our supply chain partners, from fabric mills to trim suppliers & the phenomenally talented craftsman in manufacturing. 

Holding sustainability at the core of our business also allows us to innovative in nimble ways which benefit our environment as well as other collaborative business partners.

We've pushed our boundaries creating an entire line of 'zero waste' goods which harness the offcuts of our mainline backpack production & turn those apparent scraps in to something useful, beautiful & long lasting. Recent projects have included zero waste sling bags, lanyards & kids chore jackets.

By taking a piece by piece approach to all aspects & at every step, we're able to make marginal gains in every possible area & welcome suggestions with which we can further improve.

Sustainability isn't a competitive sport. For us all to benefit we must continue to improve at every opportunity. Our work is never done.