Credit Card Slip


Keep your credit cards and business cards together and protected without the bulk of carrying a wallet.  This special edition features purple stitching to match the purple interiors of our larger pieces.

Dimensions: 10cm x 7cm x 0.5cm

Colourway: Black with purple stitching



Like all Both Barrels designer luggage, Credit Card Slip is built in Britain and hand-stitched, allowing for much stronger and more durable construction, and attention to detail on every stitch and seam; the finished product offers true luxury in a compact credit card slip.

We opted for hand-stitched Bubble Black leather, a material that perfectly complements the dark grey Yorkshire wool used throughout the Both Barrels designer luggage range, but which has the smooth and sleek properties demanded on a product of this size.  The limited edition purple stitching gives the piece accents that match the purple interiors of the rest of the luxury luggage collection.

Overall, the Credit Card Slip measures in at 10cm x 7cm and just 0.5cm thick, thanks to the slim yet strong stitched leather outer.

The sleeve is embossed with the Both Barrels logo, which further ties in with any other laptop sleeves or travel bags you may own from the Both Barrels designer luggage range.

Inside, there are spaces for four standard credit cards, along with a central pocket suitable for extras like folded banknotes or business cards – allowing your Credit Card Slip to take the place of your wallet for shorter journeys, daytime and commuter use, or simply if you prefer to travel light.

As always our designers kept a firm focus on simplicity, and on a design that does the job without becoming over-engineered or cluttered.

This results in a finished product that will be a welcome addition to your pocket, or can be slipped into a suit jacket or the outer pocket of other Both Barrels luggage and will look perfectly at home there.


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