Both Barrels Travel Wallet

Travel Wallet


The Both Barrels Travel Wallet is a compact and versatile addition to your executive luggage collection, measuring 16cm x 12cm and just 2.5cm thick – slim enough to slip inside our Twelve backpack or Thirty Six holdall but more than able to hold its own too.

Exterior: Dark Grey | Interior: Purple | Trim: Black & Nickel

Product Description

Its design is similar to our luxury laptop sleeves, except that instead of an external back pocket, the Travel Wallet has an elasticated mesh pocket on the inside, offering privacy and security during journeys that pass through public spaces.

Like our designer laptop sleeves and other executive luggage, the Travel Wallet has a dark grey exterior built in Britain from Yorkshire wool, and a contrasting purple coloured cotton lining that makes it easier to find items you have stored inside.

The nickel zipper keeps everything secure and out of sight until you need to get into your Travel Wallet, making this an excellent option for any small but valuable items or documents, passports, boarding passes and smartphones, to ensure their protection during transit.

Combine the Travel Wallet with the rest of the Both Barrels executive luggage collection for consistent style and aesthetic, and you will have everything you need for trips of any length, without compromising on functional luxury along the way.

Like all of our products, the Travel Wallet is designed for both style and function – an aesthetically pleasing addition to your designer luggage that will prove its worth in countless ways during your travels.



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